A lot of times during events we get asked if we bought our 1970 VW Bus how it is now or if we had to restore it. So to share with everyone, here's the story....

In June of 2015 the roadtrip to get the bus started in El Paso, TX (our then home city). 1,000 miles, 17 hours, and lots of John Mayer later we arrived at our destination, Kansas City, MO to pick up our new baby, which we named Juliette! This is how it looked when we got her. I know! Not so glamorous. The motor was running and was in very good condition (which was one of the main reasons we drove so far for it). 

Once we were back in El Paso, we quickly began the restoration process.

Because we were starting a new business we wanted to save all the money that we could so Fernando took it upon himself to learn and do most of the restoration work. After removing all the windows and wheels and leaving just the shell, it was time for some sanding. Oh boy did Fernando do some sanding. It took him 6 full days to sand the entire bus to get it ready for the new paint <--- I'm very proud of him for this! 

After sanding, it was time for a new paint job! This part we didn't want to mess around with so we hired someone to do this. We wanted the color to be bold so she could be a show stopper and the life of the party so we chose a bright red. 

Before and after vw bus photo booth 06.jpg

After paint, the new wood floors came. We also installed custom bamboo panels and headliner. Then added some branding to the camera stand with the help of our friend John from our parent company in Kansas City.

photo booth rental austin

Added more branding to the bus.....

Then we were done! One month after getting her. We officially launched July of 2015.   

6 months after starting this business in El Paso, we decided to move to Austin and bring this little red bus with us to the city that stays weird.

We're very happy of how #JulietteTheBus turned out and we hope you get to experience this photo booth rental in Austin!